1. Make sure the computer is recognizing the sensor.

When the sensor is plugged into the computer, a popup and sound notify you of a new device connecting to the computer. If you hear the sound, proceed to Step 2. If you do not hear the sound, proceed to Step 3. 

2. Check Drivers

From the Control Panel, open Device Manager and scroll down to the "Ports" section. There, you should see a device called "SensorEdge...". If you do not see this device, scroll down to "Universal Serial Bus controllers", expand the menu, and count the number of devices listed. Unplug the sensor USB cable from the computer and plug it in again. If the number of devices does not change, proceed to Step 3. If you do see the number of devices change, you may need to install drivers for the device. 

3. Check the Cable

Your issue may be a defective or worn out USB cable. Try to use a different USB cable to connect the plate to the computer and repeat Steps 1 and 2. You can also test the cable by using it on another USB device such as a tablet, speaker, or camera to see if it charges or transmits data. Contact your sales representative to receive a new cable if needed.

4. Make sure the USB Port is clean on the Sensor.

Use an air duster or equivalent and electronics safe mechanism to clear out the USB port of any dust or debris.

5. Return and Repair

If the above solutions did not solve your issue, please submit a detailed ticket for our team to review. Always include your Serial Number and pictures of the device when submitting a ticket.